Sunday, April 12, 2015

How To Grow Up Your Nails In A Week

It can be hard to grow your nails nice and long,because everyone's nails grow at a fixed rate, about one millimeter per month. What you can do is protect your nails, give them proper nourishment, and make them appear longer than they actually are. These steps are quite easy, luckily. Read on for a discussion of just how to do that!

Materials Required:-  

1) Mustard Oil

2) Water 

3) Bowl

4) Salt


 1) Put some amount of water in a bowl.

 2) Mix 1 spoon of salt in it.

 3) Add Some amount of mustard oil.

 4) Mix them properly.

 5) Again add some amount of salt.

 6) Now put your finger in it or drop your nail in it for an hour or more than that.

Step By Step Video Tutorial  


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