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Bengali Rasgulla Recipe - Easy Way To Make Delicious Rasgulla At Home


Easy Rasgulla Recipe With Step By Step Along With Pictures And Video. Among all the bengali sweets, rasgulla takes the first place in our home for many reasons, it is delicious, it is easy to make, needs only basic ingredients from the kitchen and the chances of failure are very less if followed correctly.
                          Rasgullas are a popular Bengali sweet, commonly found in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. It is tasty and veg too. So,today i will help you to cook delicious rasgulla's with step by step along with video and pictures.You can make this easily if you follow the steps correctly.No any experts needed to do this.So, lets start!!!! ☺☺☺



  • 3 liters of milk(for 2kg of rasgullas)
  • Citric Acid
  • 1Kg of sugar
  • 8 tsp. Maida(Wheat flour)

✯Follow The Following Steps✯

👉 Step 1:- Heat The Milk And Bring To Boil.

👉 Step 2:- Add Lemon Juice In That Milk After Cooling The Milk For Few Minutes.

👉 Step 3:- Now Stir Slowly Till The Milk Is Fully Curdled.

👉 Step 4:- Strain The Milk Through A Muslin Cloth.(Wash This Strain Milk In Cloth Under Cold Running Water)

👉 Step 5:- Cover It With Muslin Cloth.

👉 Step 6:- Add 1Kg Of Sugar And Half Liter Of Water In A Wide Pan And Heat It For 5-7 Minutes.

👉 Step 7:- Now Add Some Amount Of Maida In That Strain Milk(Chenna) And Give A Shape.

👉 Step 8:- Now Let That  Chenna In The Boiling Water.

👉 Step 9:- Boil The Chenna For 20 Minutes.

👉 Step 10:- Take Off From Heat And Cool Them To Room Temperature.

👉 Step 11:- Add Cardamom Powder And Chill For At least 5-6 Hours.

    Now it is ready you can now enjoy your rasgullas .Comment Below If You Have Any Questions.

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